Sensible Spirituality is the conscious integration of a person’s principles,
values, and practices with their physical, mental, and emotional life.

What do you mean by Sensible Spirituality?
Sensible Spirituality means practicing one’s preferred spirituality in a way that produces growing freedom, usefulness and productivity, as well as personal fulfillment, purpose, and happiness. Sensible Spirituality recognizes the sacredness of each person, embracing what is good and true in their lives, and guides them through the energizing process of defining their core values and principles. Sensible Spirituality helps individuals and organizations connect inner purpose with outer goals.

Is there anything religious about Sensible Spirituality?
Spirituality is not always religious. Religion is not always spiritual. Religion (re- again + ligare- to bind together) desires to bring people into community. Sensible Spirituality honors this purpose and works with people to help them discern where they will thrive. 

How do you address differing belief systems or religions?
Beliefs can divide; values always connect. By understanding various religious and cultural traditions, we are conscious of a diversity of perspectives. With that in mind, we work with universal, shared values that cut across religious traditions, to build strategies for improved collaboration and productivity.

What do you actually do?
We are spiritual care providers. We practice the sacred art traditionally known as cura animarum – care of the soul, also addressed as cura personalis – care of the whole person. We help our clients identify issues that interfere with individual and shared productivity. We then help them realize growth and increased purpose. Our services include:

º SPIRITUAL CARE for Individuals and Organizations
We assist individuals and organizations in finding solutions. Bringing together body and soul, heart, mind, and spirit, we empower individuals and organizations to develop their spiritual lives in order to make positive contributions to personal and organizational goals.

As part of our care, we encourage and incorporate time set apart for renewal, intention, and deeper engagement. We offer a variety of customized themes, always incorporating ongoing meditation training and practice.

  • Retreats (1-5 days)

  • Workshops

  • Meeting Facilitation

  • Conferences

  • Alumni Reunions

  • Renewal Opportunities

With careful attention to the creative needs of our clients, we provide spiritually grounded ceremonies and blessings to honor the sacred moments of life, including

How do you do this?
Sensible Spirituality Associates brings together the talent and expertise of professionals from the worlds of health care, education, religion, spirituality, social services, and addiction treatment to provide spiritual care and consulting services for individuals, organizations, and businesses.

We have prepared presentations on a variety of motivational and spiritual topics, ranging from healing and recovery to meditation and dealing with loss. Our consultants have developed books, workbooks, and published articles related to personal and professional integration and spiritual development. We offer consulting services, retreats, counseling, and coaching. In addition, we create curricula and group processes with our clients in order to help individuals see and solve systemic problems.

Who can use this service? 
Any individual or group who wants to work more intentionally and less reactively can use this service. We work with people who are willing to grow along spiritual lines, including:

  • Creative Individuals and Organizations who want to access spiritual sources of inspiration (actors, musicians, artists, writers, etc.)

  • Ecumenical and Interfaith Groups seeking common ground and deeper dialogue

  • Treatment Centers desiring a fully integrated spiritual recovery program based upon 12 Step principles

  • Healthcare Organizations who acknowledge that healthcare includes a need for spiritual connection and wellbeing, as well as good medical care

  • Hospice, Assisted Living, and Senior Living Centers desiring a nondenominational spiritual environment for residents and staff

  • Management Teams who understand the value of bringing spirituality to the workplace

  • Social Entrepreneurs who want to identify and integrate their values, principles and best practices into their products and services

  • Social Justice Organizations and Activists seeking spiritual renewal

  • Human Resources, Multicultural, and Diversity Teams seeking to identify core values and principles to create healthier work environments

How can it help my business?
’Spirituality in the workplace’ is a concept that many agree is vital to a healthy environment, but almost no one knows how to begin. We understand Sensible Spirituality as a core component of good business, positive customer service, and flexibility. Engaged workers, operating from a centered place within, can better attend to clients’ needs and find creative solutions to fulfill company objectives. To this end, we offer a Spiritual Development Process (Assessment), coaching, mentoring and navigation for management and staff.

How are you any different from other consultants and coaches?
As spiritual care consultants and providers, we place spirituality at the center of our work, rather than seeing it as a component. We are not therapists, nor do we act in place of professional religious ministers. We take a holistic health approach vs. traditional pathologic approach, observing the unified system that contributes to organizational and personal health. This is Sensible Spirituality. We work to unify the physical/body, mental/mind, and emotional/heart in order to identify and support the soul of the person or organization.

Why should we hire Sensible Spirituality Associates?
If you want to flourish, individually and corporately, we bring decades of experience and insight as teachers of spiritual living and working. We work with our clients to achieve results. 

How much does it cost?
Our consultancy is equitably priced to provide quality, customized care. Costs depend on the scope and breadth of services as well as the number of Associates involved. Call us at (805) 904-9027 or email to arrange for a free informational consultation.