Stories command our attention, and every organization has a story. 
Sensible Spirituality Associates uses a three-step narrative process to co-create a
Sustaining Story which articulates the spirit and soul of the organization. 



From the story-telling practices of all the great spiritual traditions, we have refined a narrative methodology which is particularly well-suited to incorporating all the stages of organizational development. Avoiding antagonism and arguments about the relative merits of any particular belief system, we help our clients focus on the values, principles and practices that are part of their own work experience. With new awareness, they can then begin to articulate the foundational and evolving stories, and find their sustaining story. The narrative process we offer occurs over time and demands attention to each of the following steps:

The Founding Story. Awareness. Identify who are we and where are we going. History, Mission, and Vision. Initial interviews with leadership and management. What are we experiencing, thinking, and feeling? What’s useful? What’s not? What needs to change? What’s unmanageable? What’s working? In considering these and other questions, we help our clients tell their story. We then reflect back to them the principles,  values, and practices which shape the spirit of their organization. This Founding Story points to their spirit or soul.

Evolving Story. Acceptance. Elicit stories from employees and members. What are we experiencing, thinking, and feeling? How doe we fit in? What’s useful? What’s not? What needs to change? What’s unmanageable? What’s working? ‘Their side of the story’— their values, principles, and practices— as well as the ups and downs of daily life. All these factors directly affect the spirit and soul of organizational culture.

Sustaining Story. Action. Bringing the Founding and Evolving Stories together, both shared and divergent aspects of what's been heard. Achieving common goals. Effective. Integrative. Shared Culture. Becoming 'sensible citizens' of the workplace by understanding duties and responsibilities. This co-created Sustaining Story can be used to facilitate ongoing integrative change.