How It Works: A Three-Step Narrative
Spiritual Development Process

Stories command our attention, and every individual and organization has a story. 
Sensible Spirituality Associates uses a three-step narrative process to co-create a
Sustaining Story which articulates the spirit and soul of the person or organization. 

Our first priority is to hear the Founding Story. Through initial interviews, we invite our clients to share their history, mission, and background as they tell their story. This Founding Story points to the spirit or soul of the person or organization. We reflect back to them the principles, values, and practices which shape their spirituality into something sensible.

With groups and organizations, we then elicit stories from employees and members; this is the Evolving Story. This set of interviews asks employees and members to share ‘their side of the story’— their values, principles, and practices— as well as the ups and downs of daily life. Here they can begin to identify goals. New questions emerge as inventories of failings and strengths are noted. Participating in a culture and community, building a life of integrity- these are factors which directly affect the spirit and soul of the organization. 

Our analysis of the Founding and Evolving Stories brings to light both shared and divergent aspects of what's been heard, and shapes a Sustaining Story of integrity, responsibility, and a renewed sense of soul and purpose. This co-created Sustaining Story can be used to facilitate ongoing integrative change.

The task of the spiritual teacher is to bear witness to the seeker that what the seeker seeks is real.  
Sunryu Suzuki

From the story-telling practices of all the great spiritual traditions, we have refined a narrative methodology which is particularly well-suited to navigating all stages of spiritual development. As Spiritual Care Counselors, we avoid antagonism and arguments about ‘God’ and the relative merits of any particular belief system. As Spiritual Coaches, we help our clients focus on the principles, values, and practices that are part of their own life experience. With this new awareness, they can then begin to articulate and navigate the foundational and evolving stories of their own spiritual journey, and find their sustaining story.