The Legacies: Recovery, Unity, & Service

The Legacies: Recovery, Unity, & Service

Are you in recovery?   
How do you integrate the 12 Steps in daily life? 
Can you utilize the 12 Steps without deistic/theistic belief? (Yes!)
Are you stuck? In-between surrenders? 
Have you wondered if this is all there is to sobriety?
How have you integrated your losses and grief into your ongoing recovery?

Spiritual Counseling offers confidential spiritual and emotional support, navigation, and coaching for individuals who have made a foundation in recovery and are exploring a deeper spiritual life. Spiritual Counseling does not take the place of Sponsorship, but can be most useful for seekers navigating the contemporary spiritual landscape and/or seeking to make sense of religious upbringings which have left lingering confusion, wounds, or resentment.

From the foundation of Alcoholics Anonymous in 1935 until today, the membership and experience of 12 Step fellowships have become more diverse, and the understanding of addiction as a spiritual disease has opened up new research and new hope. But the simple process of one alcoholic/addict talking to another, telling their own stories, remains the pivot of recovery because it is there that we discover the Great Reality deep down within.

Doing the right thing for the right reason.

Doing the right thing for the right reason.

Comprehensive Spiritual Care for Addiction Treatment

Do you provide AddictionTreatment?

(Inpatient, Outpatient, Sober Living, Aftercare)  
How is spirituality presented and integrated in your overall treatment plan? 
How is that reflected in terms of time, money, energy, accountability? 
Do you have dedicated Spiritual Care available to clients? 
Do you offer spiritual development and support for your employees?

Sensible Spirituality Associates offers comprehensive Spiritual Counseling for Individuals, Inpatient Care Centers, Intensive Outpatient, Sober Living, and Aftercare Programs. Sensible Spirituality is sensible recovery.


From this story-telling tradition, we have refined a narrative methodology which is particularly well-suited to incorporating all the stages of spiritual recovery and development. Avoiding antagonism and arguments about ‘God’ and the relative merits of any particular belief system, we help our clients focus on the principles, values, and practices that are part of their own life experience. With new awareness, they may then begin to articulate the foundational and evolving stories of their own spiritual journey, and find their sustaining story.

Recovery 1.0. Awareness. Founding Story. Treatment centers offer this experience in 30-90 day introductions to recovery. Newcomers encounter the writings and fellowship of 12 Step recovery. Questions and doubts. What needs to change? What’s unmanageable? Behavior modification. Am I repeating old behaviors?

Recovery 2.0. Acceptance. Evolving Story- it takes time. Identifying goals. Spirituality. Insight. Questioning. Introduction to evolutionary thinking. Cleaning up the wreckage of the past. What do you desire? Inventories of failings and strengths. Making amends. Participation in a community. Building a life of integrity.

Recovery 3.0. Action. Sustaining Story. Bringing Recovery 1.0 and 2.0 together. Achieving goals. Effective. Integrative. To practice these principles in all our affairs. Becoming a ‘citizen’ of my family, workplace, community and world by performing my duties and responsibilities. A life of integrity for self, family, community, world brings together all the pieces.

Sensible Spirituality Associates is grounded in the practice and Traditions of the 12 Steps. We come from diverse spiritual traditions and bring decades of experience, strength, and hope in recovery to our clients. Our goal is to help people to find a power greater than themselves which will solve their problem. Deistic/theistic belief is not required. We honor people of all or no faith traditions, and do everything we can to help them enlarge and nourish their personal spiritual growth.