We bring decades of experience in dealing with loss and grief, having helped families from diverse backgrounds to commemorate the lives of deceased family and friends. We assist families and friends to tell the story of their loved one. With our backgrounds in pastoral care, hospice and end-of-life spirituality, and bereavement counseling, we provide compassionate, sensible spiritual leadership at a time of loss. 


Ideally, we meet with families to personalize and plan a memorial service reflective of the deceased person’s life. We want to hear the family’s needs and their stories about the deceased in order to co-create an authentic celebration of life. We specialize in incorporating diverse cultural and religious practices, traditions, blessings, and symbols.

• INCLUSIVE PACKAGE-  Family Meeting, Memorial Service, Graveside/ Interment Service ($425)
• OFFICIANT ONLY-   Phone interview and consultation, Memorial or Graveside/ Interment Service ($275)
• GRIEF COUNSELING - Individual, Family or Group Counseling Services available.

Call 805-904-9027 for pricing. 
Services outside of local area incur costs for travel, plus meals and accommodations if necessary.