With careful attention to your unique creative needs, we strive to provide spiritually grounded ceremonies and blessings to honor your sacred moment of commitment. We bring decades of experience in preparing couples from diverse backgrounds to celebrate the expression of their love and commitment. 

We will work with you to personalize and create a ceremony reflective of your relationship, specializing in incorporating diverse cultural and religious backgrounds. We have legally officiated at hundreds of weddings over the past 30 years and can incorporate a variety of traditions, symbols, readings, vows, and blessings.

We want to meet with you prior to the wedding, in order to hear your individual stories, eliciting values and cultural practices. Ideally, this process would begin at least 6 months before the wedding date. We can then reflect back to you ways in which we might blend your individual stories to shape your ceremony. Our experience and expertise can help you co-create a Sustaining Story for your celebration and future life together. 


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• Initial interview and Consultations
• Ceremony Planning Consultation
• Rehearsal On-site
• Wedding Ceremony
• Legal Certification


Marital Counseling and Premarital Counseling sessions are also available. Couples are invited to use the Sensible Marriage workbook (which will be provided) to encourage deeper conversation and sharing on the principles which will provide a foundation for a sensible, spiritual marriage. If necessary, session may also be conducted via FaceTime/ Skype.

Services outside of San Luis Obispo County will incur costs for travel, plus meals and accomodations if necessary. 

Dia de Los Muertos, Tapachula, Chiapas, Mexico

Dia de Los Muertos, Tapachula, Chiapas, Mexico