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John McAndrew


 John McAndrew, MA, MDiv, is a theologian, teacher, counselor, musician, hospice chaplain and poet. In addition to Retreat facilitation, he offers Spiritual Counseling for individual clients.

John McAndrew, MA, MDiv, is a theologian, teacher, counselor, musician, hospice chaplain and poet. In addition to Retreat facilitation, he offers Spiritual Counseling for individual clients.

Based upon foundations of Sensible Spirituality, these retreats and workshops are open to all who seek...

OCTOBER 5-7, 2018
Hardtner Camp and Conference Center,
Pollock , Louisiana
‘Are These Extravagant Promises?’
Mixed Recovery Retreat (Singles, Couples)

OCTOBER 13, 2018
Westminster Presbyterian Church, Burbank. CA
'Happy, Joyous, & Free?'
Workshop Day for Men in Recovery

NOVEMBER 9-11, 2018
St. Andrew's Abbey, Valyermo, CA
'Happy, Joyous, & Free?'
Mixed Recovery Retreat

NOVEMBER 23-25, 2018
La Casa de Maria Retreat Center, Santa Barbara, CA
Thanksgiving Retreat for People In Recovery
(La Casa remains closed due to severe storm damage.)

NOV. 30- DEC. 2, 2018
Mary & Joseph Retreat Center, Palos Verdes, CA
'The Bondage of Self'
Mixed Recovery Retreat (Singles, Couples)

FEB. 22-24, 2019
Mary and Jospeh Retreat Center, Palos Verdes, CA

'Happy, Joyous, & Free?'
Women's Recovery Retreat

MAY 24-26, 2019
Mater Dolorosa Retreat Center, Sierra Madre, CA

Men's Recovery Retreat

Retreats, Workshops, Reunions + Meetings

Retreats, Workshops, and Reunions provide an opportunity for spiritual renewal. We encourage time set apart for renewal, intention, and deeper engagement. Stepping away from life’s daily struggles allows space and time for restoration, renewal, and rest. We create customized programs, using a variety of creative tools: presentations, reflection, meditation, music, movement, silence, writing, and sharing. We create a safe environment which allows participants to identify and claim foundational stories, tell their own stories, and begin to articulate and experience a way forward— a new Sustaining Story. (designed for 1-5 days)

Meeting Facilitation  Our facilitation and leadership skills allow us to manage any sort of organizational meeting: planning, reimagining, setting goals and timetables, brainstorming, reinvigorating, etc. We can facilitate your agenda in a thoughtful, creative, integrative manner.

Our Associates have worked with a variety of groups, including:

  • 12 Step/ Recovery

  • Academic and Educational

  • Pastoral Ministers and Leaders

  • Corporate and Management Teams

  • Campus Ministry

  • Marriage Preparation

  • Social Justice Groups

  • Non-Profit Boards and Membership

  • Diversity Training

  • Trauma Informed Care

  • Musicians

  • Couples

  • Alumni Reunions

    A gap in the human go /where the Divine squeezes through.  Noel Davis

we have addressed:


12-Step Recovery
There Is A Solution
Are These Extravagant Promises?
Usefulness- A Seventh Step Retreat
The Serenity Prayer
We Relax & Take It Easy
Recovery 3.0-  Retrieving the Soul of Recovery
Dare To Be Average
Courage to Change
Into Action


Heart and Soul- Couples
Keeping Body & Soul Together
Relationship or Arrangement?- Couples
Sex and Religion- Couples
Gender Diplomacy- Couples
Rage and Reconciliation


The Creative Spirit
The Soul of Music- Music of the Soul
A Spirituality for the 21st Century


Sensible Citizenship
Building A Common Vision
Consensus Building 101
Beyond the Retributive Paradigm
Reigniting the Justice Spirit
Awakened Nonviolence
An Adventure In Forgiveness


Contemplation In Action
Meditation Training (Eastern)
Meditation Training (Western Centering Prayer)
The Human Energy System



Trauma Care
Trauma Informed Care for Organizations
The Journey from Victim to Thriver
Transform Your Beliefs & Experiences
Healing the Healers


Loss + Grief
Loss, Grief, and Recovery
Sacred Thresholds
Hospice: The Dying Are Our Teachers
Grieving and Growth