by John McAndrew

We call it Recovery 3.0, but it’s really the natural evolution of the spiritual story-telling tradition of the world. Recovery 1.0 introduced the radical notion that addiction wasn’t a moral failing, but a spiritual disease. Recovery 2.0 brought in new voices and new experiences: women, other addictions, other cultures, religions and philosophies. In Recovery 3.0, we are looking beyond belief systems to identify the values, principles and practices that open the way to spiritual experience. (Check out our 12 Step Spirituality page.) And it’s at this depth that we must face and process the many losses that are part of life, especially living with the disease of addiction.

Grief seems to be a universal entry point into the great Mystery. In my years as a Spiritual Counselor for Hospice Partners in San Luis Obispo, I learned how important it was for people to articulate their own stories as they processed the mysterious transition from healthy vibrant living, through the end-of-life mysteries, to whatever might lay beyond this consciousness.

Listen to the interview here:

Joe Chisolm's Rebellion Dogs Radio #3 explores the topic of grief, including the interview I did with him last year at the National Conference on Addiction Disorders (NCAD) in Anaheim. Joe has written a wonderful book for people in recovery entitled Beyond Belief: Agnostic Musings for 12 Step Life. As a fellow pilgrim on the Road of Happy Destiny, his book of daily readings supports what I would unhesitatingly call a ‘spirituality for unbelievers’. I’ve been using it daily and find it a helpful companion to my morning meditation. Enjoy the interview and check out the rest of Rebellion Dogs Publishing’s website.